These are your current elective representatives and their area of interest.

Outward Representatives


Margaret Denney                        Naomi Gilder

Community Safety                   Sports and Leisure

One-to-One (Enfield) Representatives


Kelly Scott                               Liz Griffiths                   Victor Chanaryn

Sports and Leisure                    Carers                              Transport

2017 Co-chair of                                                            2018 Co-chair of

Partnership Board                                                        Partnership Board

St John of God Hospitaller Service


Louise Collins                       Richard Armstrong

Health                                              Health

Enfield National Autistic Society Representatives


Jay Bansal                                Faye Metcalf

Transport                            Sports and Leisure

Community Link (Edmonton) Representative

Elizabeth Taoushanis

Moving On (Transition)

STARS Representative

Arthur Georgiou

How did the representatives get elected?

To get elected each person took part in an election. The candidates for the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council all took part in hustings, where they gave a speech to their peer group on why they should be their elected representative. Each group then voted using a ballot paper and ballot box, like in general and council elections.

To see all the candidates that took part in this please press here.

To see all the elections that have taken place please go to our Latest Events and News page by pressing here.


Some elected representatives have left due to work commitments or moving to different areas. Sarah and Steven S, we would like to thank you for being apart of our project and being great elective representatives.