If you have a learning disability and/or autism you can get involved by giving your views and reporting issues that you would like to see changed in your local community. Please speak to your elective representative or come to one of our Your Voice events to give your views.

If you would prefer to write down your views you can do so, on the following form and then send it Sarah at sarah@one-to-one-enfield.co.uk or hand it in to the One-to-One (Enfield) office.

If you have a Learning Difficulty and/or Autism and a part of a group that is not already represented, you might like to be a link representative. You would need to be able to come to monthly meetings usually on a Monday and to find out from your group any issues they have with health, transport and a range of topics to bring to the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council. You would also let your group members know what comes out of the meetings.

The groups that are already represented are: One-to-One (Enfield), Enfield Branch of the National Autistic Society, Outward, St John of God Hospitaller Service, STARS and Community Link (Edmonton.) Please click on the names of the groups for their information.

If you are interested in becoming a link representative for your group, please do contact Sue or Sarah (see the bottom of the page for details.)

If you have are an organisation who support people with Learning Difficulties and/or Autism and you would like your members to be represented on the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council, please do get in touch with Sarah or Sue (see details below.) We can come and talk to you and your members about the process to become link reps to the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council. See here for more information on link reps.

If you would like to volunteer on this project, please have a look at our volunteer page here.

Who to contact for this project?

This project is run by Sue Wilkinson and assisted by Sarah Davis.


Sue Wilkinson                                    Sarah Davis

sue@one-to-one-enfield.co.uk           sarah@one-to-one-enfield.co.uk