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''Being a Councillor'' Meeting 17th November 2016

Councillors Mrs Alev Cazimoglu, Mrs Yasmin Brett and Mrs Patricia Ekechi took part in our ''Being a Councillor'' meeting on Thursday 17th November 2016.   They informed us about the roles and responsibilities they have as a Councillor and…

Autism Group Elections - 4th January 2017

Jay Bansal, Sarah Davis and Faye Medcalf performed their hustings speeches at the Enfield Branch of the National Autistic Society (ENAS) Group Drop-in on Thursday 4th January 2017. Jay and Sarah has been elected as Councillors to represent…

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Meeting place for people with autism. For more information, call the One-to-One office.

Stephen Moslin

What he did at One-to-One (Enfield) in pictures                 

Let's Cook Healthy This is a new four week cooking course Six members working in pairs Preparing a three course meal plus making bread Started on March 7th 2016 which is part of this year’s Living a Healthy Life Program      WHAT…

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November to February 2016/17 activities - Activities Here are the activities for November to February 2016/17. Click Here or Click on the Picture to download an activity programme   Activities - Booking Form Here is…