Becoming A Member

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    Full Membership

    Full membership is open to anyone who has learning difficulties, is over 18 years old and lives in Enfield.
    We also have some projects open the young people with learning difficulties.

    (If you don’t have learning difficulties you can join us as a volunteer, helping to support members to be involved. See Volunteering)

    Tell us you want to join

    Contact us by phone or e mail and we will send you a Membership form and information. You can now fill in your forms online (Please  email to                 On the form you ask some personal information including some questions about the support you might need to be involved with us, if you have a carer or support worker they can help you to fill in the form. We also ask for contact information of two people who know you well and can support your application. Send us back the form with two photographs. Once we have heard from the people who are supporting your application we will contact you to arrange for a Membership Meeting.

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