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One to One has received a grant from Trust for London to help people with learning difficulties living in Enfield understand more about Hate Crime.

The project is for 3 years and during this time we will be aiming to set up 10 centres where people will be able to report or talk to someone about Hate Crime. We will also be running Hate Crime workshops where you will see a DVD about Hate Crime and talk about it.

If you want to see our video follow this link:

If you would like more information and our training pack please contact Naomi Luke at the One-to-One office.

Mate Crime Conference  November 2016 


People that have learning disabilities and autism are considerably more likely to experience hate crime than other disabled groups, figures…

Training delivered to the Integrated Learning Difficulties Team 



Understanding hate crime is difficult.

The Legal definition

“Any criminal offence, which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s disability or perceived disability.”

Here are some examples for you.


Being called names by the same people because you have a disability.


People hanging around your home being a nuisance because they know you have a disability.


Someone pretends to be your friend knowing you have a disability. They take your money and steal things from your home.


Why do we need to report these as a Hate Crime?

We need to report because if the court decides that the crime is a disability hate crime, the person who did it will go to prison for longer than if it was not a hate crime.


Name calling needs to be reported. It may not sound serious, but if done more than once can be seen as a hate crime.

We have lots of work we need to do for this project and if you would like to be involved please speak to Naomi or Claude at One-to-One.

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Click on link to go to enfield hate crime reporting form. 


For a preview of “We all Hate Crime”  click on the picture below.

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Now you have seen our clip read this article.

People are still unwelcome in some places.

“Severely disabled teenager turfed out of Harvester – for making too much noise”

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