We Live Here Now

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    In 1991 people with learning difficulties started to be moved back into Enfield (where they were born) as a result of The Community Care Act 1990.

    One-to-One (Enfield) was started at this time with the aim of using volunteers to help people settle into the local community.

    One-to-One is now 21 years old and to celebrate this we asked the Heritage Lottery Fund to help us run the ‘We Live Here Now’ project.

    14 people told us about their lives in the institutions and how things have changed for them in the past 20 years. They were photographed in their Enfield homes. These include individual flats and small shared houses spread across the borough. Many made visits back the places where they had lived before 1990. In researching the background of the institutions we looked into archives and interviewed 11 people who knew about the institutions because, they had either worked in them, had parents who worked had worked in them, or supported people in moving out.

    28 volunteers were involved these included young disabled people who have learned about this history and compared their lives with their older peers. They were involved in interviewing, archive research, editing and transcribing the interviews, photography and curating an exhibition. They looked at the architecture of the institutions, many of which have been converted into luxury housing, saw how things had changed and got reactions to the change from the former residents. Volunteers received training from the Oral History Society and Enfield Camera Club and support from Enfield Arts and Museum services in curating the exhibition.

    We have made a book about the project Click Here for a PDF copy of the ‘We Live Here Now’ book.


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    Anna worked at Harperbury Hospital. Hear what she has to say.