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    We provide meaningful and enjoyable training for staff working with people who may have diverse needs.  People who have learning and hidden disabilities deliver the training.  They are supported by Naomi and Claude who are experienced facilitators.

    The training sessions will be tailored to suite the needs of the organisation.

    The V.I.P. trainers (Valuing and Including People) have worked with a number of organisations including Hertfordshire Libraries, Hackney Town Hall and in December 2014 did workshops with the Financial Ombudsman.

    The V.I.P. group can work with up to 20 people

    If you would like to know more about the training and how much it costs please contact

    Learning, Autism and Hidden Disability Training

    LBE Staff Training


    What they said about the training

    Exercises made me more aware of difficulties in non verbal communicating and non visual communication. Also really interesting carer/user perspectives help develop my understanding.

    The inclusive use of people with disabilities in delivery. The activities.

    Every LBE member of staff should do this training.

    Staff members from Fusion gym participating in our training in December 2016

    What they said about our training

    “Enjoyed everything!. Especially what an eye opener it was for me, how easy it is to forget and how important to give time”

    ” Working with the volunteers that have learning difficulties! Listening to them and being able to hear their experiences. Also the the experience of the trainers”

    ” The interaction with the VIP’s was brilliant”

    “Very practical you can put yourself in the VIP’s position”

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