One-to-One (Enfield) is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Committee made up of unpaid people. These people are called Directors. Directors have legal responsibilities and must make sure that One-to-One is run well and we spend our money wisely.


Directors are elected by our members at our Annual General Meeting. Any member can stand for election but it is best to come to Management Committee meetings first to learn about the job by becoming an advisor, (see below for details.) We can elect up to twelve Directors.

All our committee members receive induction training and attend training sessions to help them understand their individual and collective responsibilities.

Committee meetings are open to members and people who want to have their say and can attend as an advisor, as our staff members. All final decisions are made by the directors.

Our committee is supported by our staff and volunteers to consult with members and make sure that we are doing what our member want and need us to do. The committee then instructs our Chief Executive Lesley to find funds to do the work.

We currently have eight directors on our management team. Six of which have a Learning Difficulty and/or Autism.

Our Directors are:

     Paul Lehrian is our Chair and Community Inclusion Champion

   Louise Collins is our Vice Chair and Autism Champion.

              Godfrey Luke is our Governance, Safeguarding and Risk Champion

   Mike Wells is our Treasurer

   Richard Armstrong is our Health Champion.  

  Elizabeth Taoushanis is our Speaking Out and Transition Champion.

  Vickash Rambojan is our Young People and Independence Champion.

  Victor Chanaryn is our Transport, Sport and Volunteering Champion.

Four members of our Management Committee, Victor, Louise, Richard and Elizabeth have been elected on to the Enfield Learning Difficulties and Autism Council. To Learn more about this project and your elected representatives please click here.


Our Committee has decided to work as part of a Management Team which includes advisors who are One-to-One members who want to have a say without having a legal responsibility, as this is difficult for some people with learning difficulties. The Directors and advisors discuss how One-to-One (Enfield) is run and usually make decisions jointly. The only time that Directors have the final say is about serious legal matters for which they might be held responsible.

Members who are advisors are offered training and support if they want to prepare to go forward to become Directors.

We currently have three advisors on our management team:

Naomi Gilder, Despina Panayi and Andrew Brownlow. (Pictures below are in order that their names are written.)


If you are interested in being an advisor on the management committee please contact Sarah at