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10th June 2020

Ashley’s Story

Hello, I’m Ashley and I have ADHD and autism. I am the introvert that is striving in this lockdown! Honestly, lockdown has been a whole mixed bag of positives and negatives for me. Prior to lockdown I would go for coffee and swimming several times a week, it was my thing that I liked to do in order to relax. Due to lockdown, I have had to find other ways of accommodating this which has been difficult at times. It has been difficult to not be able to use the things that I used to rely on to maintain my wellbeing and remain calm. Swimming was not just a hobby but something I needed as I was surrounded by the pressure of the water, seeing the ripples and reflections of the sun gave me a sense of pure relaxation that I do not feel in other circumstances. Coffee was something I had as an option to just visit whenever I was in that sociable mood. It has been difficult for me to not have that freedom to just pop out and do things so I’ve had to adjust and find other ways of trying to find that relaxation in other forms that are not really accessible.

The uncertainty of these circumstances has been challenging. What I struggled with the most was the misguidance and mixed messages in the media. I know this is affecting most people, however for me, not having an answer and straight-forward guidance has caused me a lot of stress. Things like this feel very bombarding and overwhelming for me. I would say that this has been the hardest thing for me in all of this. However, lockdown has also been a blessing for my ADHD because prior to lockdown I had bought a guitar and it has sat there for almost a year as an ornament. It felt too difficult for me to start which is an ADHD thing. Being in lockdown has inspired me to pick it up and want to learn. It has given me freedom to think about my goals and what I want for my future and I think everyone could gain something from the introspection of this lockdown.

I have found great joy in continuing my hobby of seeing the ducklings at the local pond and I think that it’s a beautiful thing that nature is striving right now and I believe it is positive that all this has encouraged us to connect to our organic roots again, to not get so consumed in the rush of the day and to be able to take time to step back and appreciate ourselves and our environment, us as beings. My repetitive eating has also been a blessing in this time. I typically eat the same things for a few weeks, get bored of it and then move onto something else. So that has come as a blessing really because I don’t mind eating rice over and over again! So some advice to wrap this up would be to try and meal prep, try to cook in bulk and freeze it because if you don’t mind eating the same things over and over again, it makes this a whole lot easier and is the best way to be in this circumstance. Other than that we have to try and find alternative ways to communicate and socialise and enjoy the things that we used to in other ways, whichever way is possible and we have to hold out hope, looking forward to all the things that we are going to do when things come back to normal.

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  1. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Hi Ashley, hope you are coping well during this lockdown. I really miss your company and talking to you. Hope to see you soon.

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