Our popular pantomime, Cinderella, is brought to you by members and volunteers of the
Read, Learn and Drama Club.

“We were determined that the pandemic wouldn’t stop us performing another pantomime this year!”

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the first lockdown on March 23rd 2020, One-to-One ran regular activities which included the Read, Learn and Drama Club. The activities provided fun, friendship, encouraged healthy living and most importantly, offered face-to-face support for members. we incorporated a wide range of topics into our monthly meetings.  Many involved role play, focussing particularly on challenging scenarios, such as hospital visits, bullying and prejudice.  We also read poems and popular books, as well as creating our own stories from pictures.  In December 2019, we performed Beauty and The Beast at Community House to an audience of many of our lovely members.

The onset of the Covid19 pandemic changed everything and brought huge challenges to an organisation.

One-to-One and the Read, Learn and Drama Club quickly rose to that challenge and re-invented and adapted activities to within the confines and constraints of the lockdowns.

We were determined that the pandemic wouldn’t stop us performing another pantomime this year!  We just had to find a safe way to do it!

Recording from Zoom was the answer.  It has, of course, brought many IT challenges (which have been resolved by Chris Walls) –  thanks to Chris for all his help.

Huge thanks also to Nusrath Jaku for all her hard work to get this production up and running as well as all members and volunteers for their hard work, commitment, help and excellent performances.  They are all stars!

It has been great fun rehearsing but most importantly it has kept us all in touch.  I hope very much that you enjoy our virtual pantomime.

And now, we will tell you the story of Cinderella…..

Cinderella: A pantomime by Read, Learn and Drama Group

Cast …

Narrator- Liz Griffiths

Cinderella- Elizabeth Taoushanis

Prince- Anthony Clarke

Fairy Godmother- Richard Armstrong

Stepmother- Mark Kirby

Stepsister 1- Victor Chanaryn

Stepsister 2- Jeff Smith

Prince’s Friend- Osman Mahmout

Buttons- Jane Rayson

Footman 1- Terry Sears

Footman 2- Trevor Duke

Coachman- Karl Rockman

Girl 1- Kelly Scott

Boy 1/Man 1- Mansour Njie

Woman 1- Andrea Latter

Clock- Michelle Bunce

Production Team …

Director and Script Writer- Andrea Latter

Prompt & Outro Message – Hilary Scott

Outro Message – Barbara Govey

Zoom record and video edit – Chris Walls

Nusrath Jaku- Co-coordinator