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One-to-One we host annual Autism Conferences to give a platform to autistic voices; to improve autistic experiences and inclusion in our community, and support people to live better lives through access to relevant information and services.

Save the Date!
Autism Inclusion Conference

Our 2024 Autism Conference is coming up on July 11th 2024 at at The Walker Ground, Southgate. Our theme for this year is Autism Inclusion. Save the date and watch this space for updates on speakers!

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Autism Empowerment Conference flyer with QR code.png

25th September 2023

Autism Empowerment Conference

A conference about building confidence, making choices, finding the right support and allowing your voice to be heard. Read the blog post about how it went here...

13-23rd June 2022

Spectrum of Experiences Conference

An online conference about the autistic, gender and sexuality spectrums. Focusing on the lived experiences of:

- autistic women and girls, non-binary and transgender people

- lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer autistics

Spectrum of Experiences Conference Poster.png
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