Spectrum of Experiences – Day 1

13th June 2022

Grace Liu holding her book "Approaching Autistic Adulthood"

2 pm – 3pm Live with Zoom talk from Grace Liu.

Grace Liu shares her experiences of growing up autistic, mixed race and gay. TWs: examples given of ableism, racism and homophobia Grace presents a deeply personal talk about growing up with multiple marginalised identities. She touches on many subjects: relationships with family and friends, education and employment, bullying and exclusion, masking, vulnerability and boundaries. Grace’s story deals with challenges and regrets, but comes to a close on growing self-acceptance, assertiveness and confidence.
Introduction/Q&A Host: Bee Bentall

Speaker biography:
“I am an autistic author, blogger and public speaker. I graduated from De Montfort University in Creative Writing and Journalism in 2016, and my first book, Approaching Autistic Adulthood: The Road Less Travelled, was released in October 2021. I have been blogging regularly since March 2013, and have recently started my own podcast. I was diagnosed with autism at age 9, and am half English, half Taiwanese, having lived in Taiwan until I was 4. In April 2021, I came out as a lesbian on my blog, and have written many blog posts about my intersecting identities. I currently live in the East Midlands of England with my parents and 4 cats.”

You can find Grace in the following places online:

Blog: unwrittengrace.wordpress.com

Website: artistic-autistic.co.uk

Podcast: Minority Musings

Facebook: Unwritten Grace – autism and writing

Instagram: Grace Liu @unwrittengraceblogs

Twitter: Grace Liu @unwrittengracel

LinkedIn: Grace Liu on LinkedIn

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