Spectrum of Experiences – Day 2

14th June 2022

Robyn Steward presents a three-part series of short talks about key issues that affect autistic young people and people who get periods. She takes a gender-inclusive approach throughout. These videos showcase Robyn’s research, experience and expertise. There is something for everyone here: practical tips and recommendations for individuals as well as some for professionals working with autistic people.

Each talk focuses on a different area:
1. Safeguarding Autistic People
2. Puberty and Gender
3. Periods and Executive Function

Robyn speaks on safeguarding autistic people:

– the importance of finding the right environment, community and support network

– the importance of autistic people receiving timely diagnosis, skills, knowledge and support to understand their differences

– advice for professionals involved in safeguarding autistic people

– Theory of Mind differences, and how this interacts with safeguarding

Robyn Steward wrote a book called “The Independent Woman’s Handbook for Super Safe Living on the Autistic spectrum.” published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Click the book title to find out more on her website.

Robyn presents a talk on puberty and gender.

This talk covers:

– the importance of education that is appropriate to an individual’s development, giving autistic teenagers knowledge to help them make their own informed choices.

– managing autistic young people’s expectations of puberty,

– a gender-inclusive approach to talking about periods and puberty.

– care for those questioning their gender.

– an approach to separating autistic presentation types from gender stereotypes.

Robyn covers the topic of periods and executive functioning. This talk avoids using gendered language to discuss periods and menstrual cycles.

CW: periods, blood, mentions of anatomy

This talk covers:

– managing sensory issues

– blood collection methods such as cups, underwear and cloth pads

– Hormonal cycles, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

– Executive functioning and coping strategies

Robyn is the author of “The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods” published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Click on the book title to find out more.

Speaker biography:

“My name is Robyn. I am Autistic and have been delivering fun , informative and practical Training to professionals and parent / support groups for over 15 years. I have written 3 books The Independent Woman’s Handbook for Super Safe Living on the Autistic Spectrum , The Autism Friendly Guide to Periods and The Autism Friendly Guide to self employment .

I am Co Host of BBC Sound’s 1800 seconds on Autism .

I am interested in other peoples experiences and have co authored a few academic papers.

I have 9 other disabilities. I came out of school with no GCSE’s .

I am also a musician , and have performed around the world but have a regular residency at Cafe OTO in east london.”

You can find Robyn in the following places online:

Website: robynsteward.com

Podcast: 1800 Seconds on Autism

Twitter: @robyn_steward

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