Spectrum of Experiences – Day 5

20th June 2022

Laura Kate Dale kindly shared with us this talk on autistic communication and relationships. This talk focuses on romantic relationships, but many of these aspects could also apply to friend and family relationships.

She dives into her experiences and shares her learnings on:

– The need for space & separateness

“Spending time in my bedroom by myself was my coping mechanism for undiagnosed Autism”

– Expressing wants and needs, asking for accommodations

– Shared language and the use of non-spoken communication options

– Infodumping, stimming

“These things about me are wonderful and any partner who doesn’t see that isn’t right for me”

– “Navigating unspoken dances” in communication with neurotypical (non-autistic) people.

Speaker biography:

Laura Kate Dale is an autistic trans woman, as well as a full time author. Her first book, Uncomfortable Labels, focused on discussing her life at the intersection of being both trans and autistic. She has also published a series of other books titled Things I Learned From Mario’s Butt, Gender Euphoria, Me and My Dysphoria Monster, and Who Hunts the Whale. She also publishes weekly videos and articles about accessibility in video games in a series titled Access-Ability.

Laura can be found on:

Twitter: @laurakbuzz

Youtube: youtube.com/laurakbuzz

TikTok: @laurakbuzz

Twitch @LauraKBuzz.

Her video game critque work is posted to LauraKBuzz.com, and her accessibility work is posted to Access-Ability.UK

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