Spectrum of Experiences – Day 6

21st June 2022

Pre-recorded talk from Katie Munday

Katie Munday presents the methods, findings and conclusions of their MRes Gender studies research “Living Under The Double Rainbow”. They are “collecting and sharing the stories of trans and / or non-binary Autistic adults with the hope to create more accessible and appropriate work on our experiences.”

They share

  • their reasons for choosing to research trans and non-binary autistic people’s experiences
  • topics covered in their interviews with the respondents (people who answered questions) including mental health, relationships and hopes for the future
  • recommendations for further research
  • the challenges and surprises they found

Speaker biography:
Katie Munday is a late diagnosed Autistic person with OCD and Attention Hyperactivity. They are also trans masc non-binary, bisexual and Queer AF.

When they aren’t running sports and social groups for Disabled teens, or with their young son, they are studying for their MRes in gender Studies on trans and / or non-binary Autistic narratives.

Katie’s website: www.autisticltd.co.uk

Facebook page: Autistic and Living the Dream

Twitter: @social_parasite

Katie also writes for:

Aucademy – Education for everyone on Autistic experience, a highly recommendable resource all about Autism aucademy.co.uk/author/autisticltd/

AIM For The Rainbow – “Making neurodivergent LGBTQIA+ lives brighter” – the LGBTQIA+ focused arm of Autistic Inclusive Meets.

Aim for the Rainbow have an amazing resources page for those who would like pointers for websites, videos and books on topics that commonly affect Autistic LGBTQIA+ people rainbowaim.com/information-and-advice/

Bee’s curator comment: I cannot emphasise enough what a great resources page that is. There are sections for:

  • Figuring out your Sexuality
  • Figuring out your Gender
  • Coming Out
  • Transitioning
  • Sex & Relationships