Spectrum of Experiences – Day 7

22nd June 2022

Sarah-Jane Critchley gives our keynote presentation for the conference.

This talk might be particularly suitable for people who aren’t sure what autism looks like in women and girls and gender-divergent people, or might be questioning themselves because they’ve only heard about stereotypical presentations of autism in young boys.

In this hour-long presentation she covers a huge range of topics under the title “Autism in women & girls, gender, sexuality and relationships”:

– How Autism is diagnosed and how Autism diagnosis has traditionally ‘missed out’ women & girls.

– Friendships, relationships and bullying

– Expressions of personal identity, gender identity and sexuality including LGBTQIA+ experiences

– The difference between sex and gender, and the challenges puberty can present. Sarah-Jane goes through what we mean by “gender” (man, woman, boy, girl), “sex” (i.e. male, female, intersex), and different sexualities (i.e. gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual)

– Autism and gender-divergence overlap

– Vulnerability and consent

– Examples of amazing Autistic women, girls, non-binary and transgender people

– A short film “Voices of Autistic Girls, Women and their Families”

Speaker biography:

“Sarah-Jane is the internationally recognised author of ‘A Different Joy: The Parents’ Guide to Living Better with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD and More…’ a contributing author to 2 books on autistic girls and Founder of the Different Joy Partnership. She works as a speaker and coach to autistic and neurodiverse people and their families. She was Programme Manager of the Autism Education Trust for over 10 years where she developed training, standards and competencies that reached over 270,000 people since 2012. She and her family all identify as autistic. Her autistic children have experienced mainstream, being out of school, and home education.”

You can find Sarah-Jane in the following places online:

Website: www.differentjoy.com

Podcast episode on sensory issues and their impact on school life: SENDcast

Facebook: A Different Joy

Youtube: A Different Joy

Twitter: @sarahjanecritch

Email: sarah-jane@differentjoy.com

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