Spectrum of Experiences – Day 8

23rd June 2022

Thursday 23rd June Catch-up

We were delighted to have our patron Dean Beadle host this live Q&A Panel with three of our conference guest speakers: Lana Grant, Sarah-Jane Critchley and Katie Munday. They brought such a warm and friendly atmosphere: we hope you find the talk as funny, relatable, eye-opening and thought-provoking as we did.

Each panel member brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation, which touched on:
– Misdiagnosis before getting an Autism Diagnosis
– Schools and support for gender-divergent autistic pupils
– Navigating internalised ableism, masking and self-criticism
– Autistic Parenthood: specific challenges, taking care of children and oneself
– Friendships – toxic friendships and how to spot them
– Encouraging respect and boundaries vs Compliance

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