An online conference about the autistic, gender and sexuality spectrums

Our patron Dean Beadle introduces the conference.

Dean Beadle has toured the UK for over fourteen years sharing his experiences of being autistic. He has also delivered keynotes in Ireland, Denmark, Belgium and Germany as well as undertaking four seminar tours of Australia and New Zealand. Through his humorous and insightful speeches Dean outlines his positive outlook on being autistic, and challenges negative public attitudes.

One-to-One (Enfield) are pleased to invite you to attend our online conference Spectrum of Experiences.

We are excited to announce our program of speakers. We are proud to be platforming the voices of autistic women, non-binary people and LGBTQ+ people from across the UK.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Gender identity – including transgender and non-binary identities
  • Sexuality and relationships
  • Under-diagnosis of autism in women and girls and people assigned female at birth
  • Autism and motherhood
  • Masking and atypical expressions of autism
  • Health – e.g. experiences of puberty and menopause

Please find further information to the right including details on how to register your interest and a downloadable plain-text version compatible with screen-readers.