Spectrum of Experiences – Finale

27th June 2022

Wrapped gift box

Singing us out in style!

As a grand finale to our conference, Dean Beadle performs the song “Moving on Up” by M People. Enjoy!

A Massive Thank you:

To all of our guest speakers: Grace Liu, Robyn Steward, Sarah Davis, Lana Grant, Laura Kate Dale, Katie Munday, Sarah-Jane Critchley, and our patron Dean Beadle.

To the staff team members who worked on the conference: Bee, Usha, Kanwal, Jay and Andrew.

Bee would like to thank: Chris Walls for teaching them how to use WordPress from scratch; Sarah Davis for her assistance in planning and research; Usha for her help booking and liaising with speakers and her encouragement and pep talks; Kanwal for her help with email and Zoom-handling; Jay for making the feedback survey; Andrew for his project oversight; and Lesley for her faith in their abilities.

We hope to return with another Autism Conference in 2023, and hopefully with events in person. See you soon!

If you would like to thank us, please fill in our feedback survey!

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