On 29th October 2018, the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council held their first conference. The aim of the conference was to bring awareness to people with Learning Difficulties and Autism in Enfield about the work that the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council does and to get their views on what issues they would like the elective representatives to take forward on their behalf.

Each elective representative presented to the audience and explain who they were, what they represented within the Learning Difficulties and Autism Council and what they had been up to. We had presentations about the election process and about how people could get involved in this project.

This was followed by workshops to get everyone views on the different topics areas that the elective representatives represent. These are health, transport, transition (moving on), sport and leisure, community safety, carers, and adult social care/benefits. We also added the additional topic of voting.

This was really successful and collected lots of issues and people views from this event. We are now writing a report about the issues that people with Learning Disabilities and Autism have brought to our attention through this conference along with our other Your Voice events. This report will be presented at Enfield Council’s Learning Disability Partnership Board by our elected representatives in February 2019.

We would like to thank all the people who turned up and joined in our workshops.

Well Done to all the elected representatives for doing a great job at this conference.